Five future tech disruptions

By Shane Conroy

 Meet the emerging technologies that are set to change the way you do business.

Rapidly advancing technology is constantly transforming the business environment and the next generation of disruptive tech is set to capitalize on the recent cloud computing and big data revolutions to take the game to a whole new level.

From advances in machine learning and Bitcoin 2.0 to new developments in wearable tech and the next big leap in manufacturing technology, here’s our pick of the emerging technologies set to make a splash in the business world. 

1. Research

Big data has added an incredible new depth to the market knowledge available to researchers, and evolving machine learning technology is set to revolutionize how that data is processed and analyzed. Emerging platforms such as Skytree are applying advances in machine learning technology to automate the exploration of vast data banks and allow data scientists to build more accurate predictive models that will power the next generation of business research. 

2. Finance

Bitcoin has been making headlines for the past few years and developments in point-of-sale Bitcoin collection could accelerate the uptake with huge disruptive potential. Bitcoin wallet apps have brought consumers’ Bitcoin accounts to their smartphones, and tech startups such as Coinify and Coinkite are offering retailers point-of-sale optical scanners and terminals to accept Bitcoin payments with no credit card processing fees.

3. Communications

With worldwide spending on wearable technology predicted to top $53 billion by 2019, employers are already planning for the inevitable appearance of smart glasses, watches, and rings in the workplace. However, a new kid on the wearable tech block is also making waves. Hitachi’s Business Microscope is a wearable device about the size of a staff ID card that tracks employee interactions, how they communicate and with whom, so employers can understand and expand employee networks.

4. IT

NoSQL database technology is set to become the big mover in the IT space. NoSQL database management systems such as Cassandra and HBase have become particularly adept at organizing unstructured data from social media, video and audio files, and will likely be increasingly used by developers to create the next generation of data analytics apps. This next-gen software will encompass everything from social listening tools to rich e-commerce apps with organization-wide applications.

5. Manufacturing 

3D printing has caused a splash in manufacturing of late, but it’s the Internet of Things (IoT) which may power the next technological leap forward. It essentially allows connected electronic devices to communicate with each other without human intervention. That holds huge potential for the future of manufacturing, with factories full of IoT-enabled machinery able to share information and talk to each other to optimize the manufacturing process.

As emerging technologies continue to transform the business environment, companies that remain open to disruptive technologies will find a wealth of opportunity at their fingertips to extend and consolidate their competitive advantage and set themselves up for a new era of success.