Does your company need a ‘smarketing’ department?

Within most companies, sales and marketing have traditionally been uneasy bedfellows. Today, companies that manage to break down the silos and engineer a collaborative working relationship between the two departments have seen huge gains.

We work in a data-driven economy where the key to success is unlocking and interpreting data in a meaningful way. Bringing together the skills of your sales team and the analytics capabilities of your marketing department gives you the wonderful opportunity to start ‘permission marketing’ – that is, when your customers follow up to request more information about your brand or product 

Modern marketing guru Seth Godin is famously credited for the neat turn of phrase that encapsulates this idea: “Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t.” 

How do sales teams find the people who want to hear from your brand?

This is where your marketing team steps up to the plate. Equipped with social listening tools, search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and the ability to create and deploy killer eDMs, your digital marketers are wonderful at weeding out the people who are most receptive to your messages.

Modern digital marketing isn’t limited to the odd press release. Instead, it takes a holistic approach. Today’s consumers have more access to your company than ever before. Every tweet, Facebook post and blog provides an opportunity for a potential customer to engage with your company. So if your team has been doing a great job, your company already has an engaged audience they can speak to.

Once you have your leads identified, it’s time for your sales team to help decide on an approach to lead quality. The marketing department is great at delivering leads at scale, but sales minds are experts at knowing who to pursue for maximum conversion value. Make sure that once your customer has moved successfully through the funnel and made a purchase, your marketing team can pick up the trail again and deliver a wonderful post-sales experience through social and digital marketing – as well as collecting that all-important feedback.

Build networks from within

If you’ve been making good on what you’ve delivered to these customers, why not reach out and ask if they have friends you could approach? A recommendation from a friend is still an incredibly powerful sales tool, and clever digital marketing can help make such interactions happen. Consider adopting an affiliate strategy where the person who makes the recommendation receives a benefit – whether a direct financial gain or a discount when they next use your business.

Big data isn’t just for big business. All businesses can make excellent use of data to drive consumer conversions. Look beyond your immediate site or analytics data and review trends across your industry and figure out how to best utilize this information.

Aligning your sales and marketing teams won’t just make for a more harmonious office – the collaboration is great for growing your business. Smarketing provides a way to work more efficiently, empower your teams and deliver greater levels of customer satisfaction from a more customer-centric tailored approach.